More Project Team

George Luke

George is an associate of Bluestone Archaeology and will be one of the supervisors at Fort in the Wood in 2020.

George has been a professional field archaeologist for 28 years with experience in both commercial and research projects. In the commercial sector he was an archaeological project officer on infrastructure projects supervising teams along 70km pipelines.

George was also was a supervisor for two seasons at Chester’s Roman Amphitheatre project, and on numerous multi-period urban excavations in Chester. This is really where he found his passion and speciality for teaching. He also has special interests in Roman numismatics, Roman military metal small finds, soil science and photography. The inclusive nature of the amphitheatre project meant that he taught young persons and adults, and also the physically and mentally impaired.

Gary Foster

Gary Foster is an associate of Bluestone Archaeology who will be joining the project to help with site logistics Gary has a background of multi-skilled disciplines. 30 years in Electrical/Mechanical/Telecoms/Utilities Trades combined with 20 Years’ experience as a Field Archaeologist. He recently assisted Bluestone Archaeology in their evaluation at Chester Fire Station, excavating land close to the north gate of Chester’s Roman Legionary Fortress.

His qualifications include a BTEC and numerous City & Guilds 2&3 in various engineering 
disciplines. Undergraduate at Bournemouth University & Yeovil College HND.

His interests include "Historical Warfare Material Culture and its Wider Context and Landscape Strategy. Study & Practice of Historical Western Martial Arts and Creating Replica Arms & Armour. Classic cars & Bikes. Maps. Cold War Doctrines. Anything Old !"

Paul Hickman

Paul Hickman our new excavation supervisor will be joining the Fort in the Wood in 2020. Paul has been involved in archaeology for over ten years, with five years experience in the commercial sector.

He has worked on a wide range of projects including numerous Roman sites around the country and several cemetery projects from the Early Medieval through to Victorian.

He has an interest in small finds having worked as a volunteer for the Portable Antiquities Scheme for several years.

Wigan Archaeological Society

In 2020 we will be joined on site by our project partner, Wigan Archaeological Society, who will be undertaking a geophysical earth resistance survey looking for evidence for civilian settlement (Vicus) outside the gates of the auxiliary fort.

Formed as long ago as 1982, this small but well-established society meet once a month for lectures and discussions on topics of historical or archaeological interest. They have trips in the summer and carry out fieldwork during the year including geophysical surveys and excavations.

Although one of their main projects over the years has been searching for the Roman roads in the Wigan area, they have also carried out excavations on industrial sites such as medieval corn mills and the site of a huge iron and steel complex at Kirkless in Higher Ince.

Details of all their activities can be found on their website